Why Engage a Surveyor?

Land division can be a costly, timely and often confusing process.  At Andrew & Associates we will guide you through the complete process, lodge and monitor the progress of your land division application, complete the survey and pegging, draft the required plans and advise when payments and other conditions to approval are to be addressed.  We will also co-ordinate the lodgement of the plans and documents with the Lands Titles Office for your new titles to be issued.

Once you contact Andrew & Associates we will obtain some details from you including:

  • the property address details
  • the Duplicate Certificate of Title Number (if known)
  • the proposed number of allotments you wish to create
  • which type of title would you like to create
  • if there are structures on the property and if they will remain

We will then research the feasibility of the project which includes reviewing Council’s Development Plan and viewing SA Water sewer and water pipe locations to see how the new allotments can be serviced.  A fee proposal is then prepared for you detailing our findings, the land division process and costs, including all government charges and our survey costs. This proposal is provided to you at no cost.

Click on the links if you would like to see our flowcharts for the Torrens Title process / or Community Title process.