What is Land Divison?

  • The division of one allotment into at least two or more allotments
  • The adjustment of boundaries between allotments
  • Major land divisions containing numerous allotments

 Types of Land Division

  • Torrens Title
  • Community Title
  • Community Strata Title




LAND DIVISION Services We Offer

What Is Land Divison

Division of one allotment into two or more allotments. Adjustment of boundaries between allotments...

Community Title

A Community Title is the division of land into at least two lots and an area of common property.

Why Engage A Surveyor?

We will guide you through the complete process, lodge and monitor the progress of your land division application, complete the survey and pegging, draft the required plans and advise when payments and other conditions to approval are to be addressed.

Community Strata Title

Community Strata Scheme there must be at least one lot that exists above another and the lot boundaries must be defined by reference to parts of the building.

Torrens Title

Involves either the subdivision of a parcel of land into two or more separate allotments or altering the boundaries between neighbouring allotments.


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