Level & Feature

Level and feature surveys, or detail surveys, are requested by builders, architects, engineers prior to construction in order to begin design aspects. All Level and Feature surveys completed by Andrew & Associates will include the following features as a basis;

  • Levels at an appropriate or specified grid spacing as well as all changes in grade
  • Contours of the site at an appropriate interval to indicate levels
  • Road cross sections will include;
    • Back of kerb
    • Watertable
    • Edge of Bitumen
    • Approximate centreline of road
  • Provide a Temporary Bench Mark on a solid structure for future construction
  • Footprint and Finished Floor Level of any existing structures on site
  • Location of all visible street furniture and structures adjacent to the allotment
  • Show all service topstones adjacent to the property. Inverts of sewer points will be surveyed if requested
  • Upon request, Andrew & Associates are willing to survey any further detail on the allotment as requested by the client, architects, or engineers
Once the site survey has been completed, the plans are drawn from the survey measurements. Plans are then able to be supplied in both hard copy and electronic format. It is common practice for architects, engineers, and other professionals to request an electronic format in order to begin their design process. This electronic format is also supplied in 3D which also aids in design. Andrew & Associates are able to forward this information upon the clients approval.

Surveys Services We Offer


Boundary surveys or identification surveys are carried out to re-establish the property boundaries as close to the original marking as possible.


Andrew & Associates currently complete surveys for environmental and structure monitoring

Level and Feature

Detail surveys, are requested by builders, architects, engineers prior to construction in order to begin design aspects.


Andrew & Associates prepare Easements Plans which may be required for a number of reasons including access, service infrastructure, overhanging eves.


Providing licensed surveying team to assist in the construction surveys.


 Andrew & Associates can prepare plans for lease premises within a building where single or multi tenancies are involved.


Andrew & Associates completes surveys both in small and large scale for monitoring of stockpile volumes statewide.


Speak to one of our Survey Officers on (08) 8232 1954 or fill in our free land appraisal form.