Adelaide Surveyors - Andrew & Associates provide land surveying services including but not limited to boundary identification surveys, detail & level surveys, volume surveys, plans for easement and plans for lease purposes throughout Adelaide and all of South Australia. We are a boutique, well established company servicing private, commercial and government clients.

Land Division

In South Australia sub dividing land (or land division) is taking one piece of land and dividing it into two or more parcels which can be developed for various uses. Andrew and Associates have the expertise to work with you from start to finish. Together with our accomplished subdivision group and licensed land surveyors we will work closely with you to ensure your development runs smoothly.

Define Design Develop

Andrew & Associates is a well-established consultancy, offering a range of surveying, engineering and planning services for property development and service infrastructure in South Australia. We combine imagination, technical excellence and commitment to service in addressing each client’s environmental, social and economic requirements. Our thoroughness, sound planning and previous experience enable us to deliver successful projects for our clients.

Surveys Services We Offer


Boundary surveys or identification surveys are carried out to re-establish the property boundaries as close to the original marking as possible.


Andrew & Associates currently complete surveys for environmental and structure monitoring

Level and Feature

Detail surveys, are requested by builders, architects, engineers prior to construction in order to begin design aspects.


Andrew & Associates prepare Easements Plans which may be required for a number of reasons including access, service infrastructure, overhanging eves.


Providing licensed surveying team to assist in the construction surveys.


 Andrew & Associates can prepare plans for lease premises within a building where single or multi tenancies are involved.


Andrew & Associates completes surveys both in small and large scale for monitoring of stockpile volumes statewide.


Speak to one of our Survey Officers on (08) 8232 1954 or fill in our free land appraisal form.

LAND DIVISION Services We Offer

What Is Land Divison

Division of one allotment into two or more allotments. Adjustment of boundaries between allotments...

Community Title

A Community Title is the division of land into at least two lots and an area of common property.

Why Engage A Surveyor?

We will guide you through the complete process, lodge and monitor the progress of your land division application, complete the survey and pegging, draft the required plans and advise when payments and other conditions to approval are to be addressed.

Community Strata Title

Community Strata Scheme there must be at least one lot that exists above another and the lot boundaries must be defined by reference to parts of the building.

Torrens Title

Involves either the subdivision of a parcel of land into two or more separate allotments or altering the boundaries between neighbouring allotments.


Please complete our free land appraisal form or if you would like to speak to one of our
Survey Officers please call us on (08) 8232 1954.


Land Development

Major Subdivision

Our role in the coordination process may involve assistance with initial feasibility studies, review of scope of works, selection of consultants and contractors, and management and formal presentation to authorities.

Project Advice

Andrew & Associates provide advice to clients regarding the feasibility of potential projects. That might be a one lot divided into 2, 3 or 4 or more.

Project Management

Our goal is to have titles for new allotments created available to you in the shortest possible timeframe so settlements can be arranged promptly and provide you the rewards from your project.

Road Opening and Closing

 Conducting the Road Opening and Closing process on behalf of Councils and private landowners.  This process is used to create new roads, widen existing roads, close portions of existing roads, realign and correct road boundaries or close unwanted road reserves.